A Charming Calendar For All Seasons By Bubby and Bean

‘Tis the season for making and gifting calendars featuring your fabulous family! Our wonderful Snapfish bloggers transformed blank calendars into the must-have wall accessory of the season with the help of our new creative tools. Flip through these calendar gems, adorned with personalized dates and festive background designs. Today we’re sharing calendar snaps and ideas from Melissa at Bubby and Bean, whose daughter was the inspiration for a year of photo fun.

Excerpt from Bubby and Bean:

I’m a sucker for good old-fashioned wall calendars. Sure, the calendar in my phone is convenient, but there is just something about having a beautiful calendar hanging on my wall that I can look at everyday – especially if it’s personal and meaningful in addition to being aesthetically lovely.

A couple of weeks ago, I started thinking about how cool it would be to create a custom calendar for 2016 that featured our daughter Essley and some of our favorite memories from each month of this past year (and some from 2014 too). With our little boy arriving in early January, knowing how much attention he’ll be receiving (as he should!), I felt like paying tribute to our little lady through a special calendar would not only be fun for us, but also for her grandparents as holiday gifts.

One of my favorite features was the option to mark special dates on the monthly grid. I used photos to mark some of our favorite holidays, our daughter’s birthday and our son’s due date, anniversaries, and more. And although I kept the design fairly consistent, I really enjoyed playing around with different layout and background options.

When the calendars arrived I was ecstatic. The quality is stellar, the photos are vibrant and clear, and our whole family had a great time flipping through it. Even though we still have a couple of months until 2016 begins, I already hung it in our kitchen. And since my calendar is saved in my Snapfish account, I’ll be able to order more of them in minutes to give as holiday gifts.  It’s going to be so great to be able to see the special pictures that correlate to the different months and seasons throughout the upcoming year.

Love these photos (and styling tips), Melissa! Check out her full blog post to see more of this wonderful calendar. Already inspired? Start your calendar!

Photos courtesy of Bubby and Bean.

2 thoughts on “A Charming Calendar For All Seasons By Bubby and Bean

  1. I am very confused with your web site. I have created and ordered many books and a couple of calendars and I cannot find my old projects. It was very easy on an older version of your homepage. How do I see my previous projects. I would like to create a new calendar, but I would like to just update a previous calendar instead of having to create it from scratch again.


  2. I loved how I could upload my photos no matter how many I selected. After your website changed, I cannot upload mire than a certain number. Sometimes it cuts me off in the middle of s picture when I have hit my limit. As a result, I have not ordered pictures since the summer.


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