Blogger Buzz: A Jewel-Toned Travel Photo Book by Tineey

Relive your adventures long after the return trip home! We challenged superstar bloggers to transform their travel photos into a coffee-table-worthy photo book. Glimpse into these fabulous creations, and wait for the wanderlust to set in. Today, we’re sharing tips from Tineey, a self-described “finance girl turned fashion creative,” who vividly captured her Hawaiian travels in a Premium Photo Book.

Excerpt from Tineey:

There are souvenirs you buy, and then there are the photos you capture to preserve a moment in your travels. I love to collect my memories and sights from my adventures on this blog, but recently, I started to create photo books for the home. There’s something about physically touching and feeling an image that is so powerful.

So, when Snapfish reached out to create a travel photo book with them, I was super excited. I remember using them back in high school, when I sent in my digital images to get printed for my photo albums. Years, later I’m still using them to preserve memories. I do have to say, at first impression, the quality blew me away. I’ve had other books made before, but Snapfish’s was amazing. I decided to use my Hawaii trip as the photo book topic, and customized a Premium Layflat Hardcover 11×14 Book. I decided to go with a minimal and clean design, so the photography pops.

Both Andy and I love our newest photo book. I’m pretty much hooked and can’t wait to create more. Eventually, I want all our travels catalogued both online and on our shelves. I love photography, and the feeling I had when I saw it brought to life was incredible. I’m a little obsessed.

We’re obsessed too, Tineey! Check out her full blog post to read (and see) the whole story.

Photos courtesy of Tineey.

4 thoughts on “Blogger Buzz: A Jewel-Toned Travel Photo Book by Tineey

  1. Is is possible to create a custom photo book with pages you can add ticket stubs and little items to accentuate the photos? Something similar to a photo album with a clear sheet you can lift to add items to.


  2. I love the little 4″X6″ Flip Books that were available on the classic site!! Each year I made a book for each of my grandkids – filling it with memories of the activities we did together throughout the year. Even the youngest kids enjoy looking through their very own book as the flip books were accessible and just perfect for small hands. Please, please, please continue offering these books. If they were not purchased much in the past I have a feeling that it was because they were not easy to find on the old website. Put them under “Photo Books” and I bet interest will greatly increase. I’m happy to share mine if that would help. Adding just a little text about each photo also makes the flip book a great tool for beginning readers. Convinced yet? I sure hope so! Please let me know.


  3. I too would like to see the flip books return. Younger grandchildren want what their older sibs have and they’re perfect for little hands. At least offer books that do not require enlargements (our picture quality is not that great). 4X6 prints, one or two pics to a page would be fine in a lay flat hard cover, but I can’t find any such option. There’s so much wasted space in the overdesigned books you offer now. I’m tempted to order prints and buy old-fashioned albums instead.


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