Blogger Buzz: Summer Tour Photo Book by Fresh Mommy Blog

Take your adventures with you long after the return trip home! We challenged superstar bloggers to transform their travel photos into a coffee-table-worthy photo book. Glimpse into these fabulous creations, and wait for the wanderlust to set in. Today, we’re sharing tips from Tabitha at Fresh Mommy Blog, whose adorable photos are only rivaled by her darling kiddos.


Excerpt from Fresh Mommy Blog:

You guys, I think I’m on a roll with printing photos lately! We just created a photo book of our recent #BlueSummerTour and we can’t stop meandering through the pages, reliving each memory and recounting every smile. It’s actually become a thing; looking through our photo books through the years is something we’ve been doing on an almost daily basis as of late. It’s Skylar’s favorite thing right now and he has so much fun pointing to each page and retelling his version of events, in toddler language of course. The cutest thing ever!


Not only was I able to lay out the photos easily to create a visual storyboard of our trip, which I love, but the fact that it lays flat is everything! You don’t realize how much easier it is when the book can lay open for you, especially when you have little ones vying for a position to see the pages… it solves so many issues. Now, I just need to order about 50 more!


Thanks for the kind words, Tabitha! Check out the full blog post to read (and see) the whole story.

Photos courtesy of Tabitha Blue.

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