Make It: DIY Envelope Liners For Holiday Photo Cards

We are so excited to share a fabulous no-fuss tutorial on how to personalize your holiday photo cards. Ultra glam and budget-friendly, this 3-step DIY will make your cards shine this season!


Cards pictured, left to right: Merry Foil Effects / Glitter Stripes Photo Holiday Cards / Merry & Bright



glitter paper
double-sided tape
bone folder
paper cutter


1. Create template


Create a template by tracing your envelope onto cardstock. Measure (or guesstimate) how much space to leave at the top for the seal; draw a line across with a ruler. Trim all sides with a paper cutter to achieve straight lines. Slide cardstock template into envelope and position where you want. Trim if necessary.

Tip: To conserve glitter paper, template length can be half that of your envelope – you won’t see much paper below the flap!

2. Trace


Place glitter paper right-side down. Trace cardstock template onto paper with pencil. Trim sides with paper cutter.

3. Stick and fold


Adhere double-sided tape to the wrong side of paper, shimmy into envelope, and press. Crease paper and envelope with a bone folder to make a perfect fold.


Pop in your signed card and call it a (holi)day! Mix and match designs with a variety of liners. Your card recipients will be delighted to see such a personal and professional touch.

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